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1. Should I sign up in order to use Lotoweb services?

To comply with the regulations established by SELAE in order to obtain prizes of more than 2000€, it is necessary for Lotoweb users to register.

Make sure that all your details are correct, as in the event of a major prize, we will have to check your identity.

2. How to Sign up

You should go to the top right of our website and click on "New User". Once there, fill out the required fields and click on "Accept".

Make sure your details are accurate and up to date because in case that you obtain a big prize we will have to verify your identity and personal data.
We recommend you choose a password with combinations of numbers and letters containing the largest number of possible characters. In case you forget your password you can get it back again clicking on "Remember Pass" and you shall immediately receive an email with a new password.
Please remember not to provide your personal details to anyone (please be aware that Lotoweb never request your personal details either by email or telephone), in the event that someone do it in our name or someone log in your pesonal account please, contact us as soon as possible.
The last step: You will receve an email and then you need to confirm your registration following the email instructions. From this moment you can enjoy everything from Lotoweb login in with your User Name and Pass.
3. How to Play in Lotoweb?

Once you are already registered, put your "User" name an "Pass" on the top tight of our website and click on Ok. If you doing correctly will be dissapear the "User" and "Pass" fields and show up your "User Name" and "Balance" and the icon of "My Account".

From this moment you can move as Lotoweb´s User around our website.
On the right side of our website are every game that Lotoweb´s products can offer to you. Choose one of them clicking on their icon and will go into that game and therefore to the way that you have play it.
Once you choose the numbers you should confirm it clicking on Play Now. In case of National Lottery click on "Add to My Cart".

The next step Lotoweb will show you your "Cart", means, every game that you played until this moment, with all the information showing the numbers, amounts, dates etc for each of them. On this point you should if you are agree with your choice or the other hand you want to cancell or change something . As well you can keep them in your "Cart" and keep playing to other games clicking on Continue Shopping or leave them for play in other moment.
In case that you want to continue with the order and therefore be agree with the foregoing previously selected you should click on Continue Order to get the final step.
Last step: You just have to choose the "Acquisition Form":
1) Urgen transport: Only for the National Lottery.
2) Declared Value: Only for the National Lottery.
3) Deposit.
And "Payment Method".
1) User Account (if you have balance in your Lotoweb´s Account).
2) Bank Transfer.(you will receive the information by email)
3) Credit Card.
Once you choose one of them click one "Confirm Payment", depend on your choice you should finish in one way or another.
If you choose the Credit Card method you should put all the information that the system required to validated the transaction.
After you finish your purchase you will receive an email with all the information regarding your order: Jockers, Fracciones, Reintegros etc.
Until you received the second email with the information of your play the game will not validated therefore will not have value for the day that you are playing.
Lotoweb always recommend choose the transfer method just to put money in your account from "My Account" because if you use this method linked to a play this one will not validated until the reception of such transfer therefore in some cases can be exceed the draw day.
In case that you choose this method you willl receive an email with all the information to complete the transfer.


4. Timetable Games

Closing time for game´s validation is set by default at 20:00pm from Monday to Saturday with some exceptions as Quiniela, Quinigol, National Lottery or Our Groups Tickets.

The closure is set an hour before SELAE system closes, as security way against potencial system crashes, server outages or any other kind of related issues.
For Holydays Lotoweb shall notify clients by email informing them about the corresponding changes, if applicable.
Schedules Information:


              Lotoweb Games           Last day Close hour  
  Bonoloto Everyday M,T,W y F.   20:00  
  Bonoloto Weekly Monday 20:00  
  Primitiva Thursday Thursday 20:00  
  Primitiva Saturday Saturday 20:00  
  Primitiva Weekly Thursday 20:00  
  El Gordo Saturday 20:00  
  Euromillones Tuesday Tuesday 20:00  
  Euromillones Friday Friday 20:00  
  Euromillones Weekly Tuesday 20:00  
  Quiniela 2hours  before official closing    
  Quinigol 2hours before official closing    
  Betting Digital Support (ASD) 2hours before games closing    
  National Lottery Thursday Thursday 20:00  
  National Lottery Saturday Saturday 12:00  
  Christmas Lottery (EL Gordo) 21 DEC 20:00  
  National Lottery (El Niño) 05 JAN 20:00  
5. Ways to Pay and Lotoweb´s Security

Lotoweb has the highest level of security system to guarantee your complete confidence for your payments and transactions.

Our website has the SSL certificate and it is defined as "https" site, being the "S" the key which guarantees the customer privacy and security as well as the "padlock" icon on the browser address.
5.1 Credit Card Payment.
Now Lotoweb has two payments gateways provided for two of the most important international banks from Spain: Banco Santander and Banco Popular.
Every transaction made through credit card payment needs to pass 3 security levels: the credit card number, expiration date and the three security numbers, as well as the own code stablished by the customer for online purchases (CES code) VISA or MASTERCARD.
Should you do not already have the CES code, please contact your bank and request it for free.
5.2 Transfer Method.
Lotoweb strongly recommends to use the transfer payments method in order to increase the balance of your Lotoweb account so that you can play safe and quickly. Please be farsighted and make the transfer at least with a minimum of 48 hours before any draw that you wish to play. For any transfer, please do not forget to include in the transfer order the number provided by Lotoweb.
Santander Account: ES86 0049 2189 71 2314055059
BBVA: ES71 01824141310069996511
5.3 Deposit in Our Office.
For your convenience as Lotoweb user, you can make deposits in our office located at El Corte Ingles Puerto Banus Marbella.
For these purposes, you shall be requested to provide your "User Name" and your "Client Number" and after deposit the desired amount you shall receive at the same time an email with the information and the balance in your Lotoweb´s account.
6. Can I Play for several weeks my lucky numbers?
Lotoweb provides the possibility to automate plays in a comfortably and easily way with a single click, so in this way, never miss the opportunity to participate in any draw when you are on vacation or just traveling.
You can play the desired time automatically the numbers that you choose. This method is very useful for favorite numbers, ie, fixed numbers that you play every week, so you will ensure that carry out the bets concerns saves a great deal of upheaval and bother.
These bets can also be carried out as random way for the time chosen.
For more information see How Is The Way to Subribes for the Games?
Lotoweb recommend adding balance through the "My Account" by the method of transfer at least 48 hours before choosing the subscribes and thus have the balance needed to be carried out the order at the same time.
7. How is the way to Subscribe for the Games?
The method Lotoweb subscription game is designed to play fixed or random combinations for a specific time frame, between weeks or draws, from a certain date. This will be very useful in cases of favorite numbers, prolonged absences, such as vacations or trips, ensuring that his plays are performed successfully for the time chosen.
You can also subscribe to specific days for which you want to participate in the games allowed as Bonoloto, Euromillions and Primitiva.
There are several ways to set the subscribes according to the tastes and needs:
7.1 Simple method:
To subscribe you must choose the desired numbers or randomly and click on the box "to subscribe" then indicate the weeks or draws that you wish to play, in case that in each week you establish a different random forecast you should tick the box " subscribe to random bets in each draw. "
Once you finish the steps above mentioned please click on the "Play Now" and you make sure that the plays have been carried out correctly to proceed with the order.
Follow the rest of the usual steps to complete the process.
7.2 Method based on a specific date:
In case you want to select a specific starting date for the subscribe that you want to play, you must, once elected the numbers click on the "Select another week" in order to choose a date to which such subscribe.
Then click on the "Play Now" to verify that the details entered are correct. After checking follow the rest of the usual steps to complete the process.
7.3 Method with Reductions:
This method is suitable for those who normally use the method of reductions when making the bets and also want to do the same forecasts for a given time.
It"s simple, for it simply select the play by reduced method box clicking on the "Reduced" and pick the numbers according to the instructions appearing on the right side of the ticket, which will be telling on the chosen combination.
Then click on the box "Subscribe" and enter the weeks or draws that you want to subscribe it. Click on the "Play Now" and check that the plays chosen are correct, after checking continue with the purchase process as usual.
8. Management and Control of Your Lotoweb´s Account
For the maximum control over everything that happens in your virtual account, Lotoweb provides dedicated space for it called "My Account" at the top right of our page just below the username and your Balance.
In "My Account" you can manage each and every one of the operations carried out in Lotoweb and access information quickly and easily for each, such as modifying your personal data, make deposits or cash prizes won.
For that click on the "My Account" where you will find that it is divided into five sections designed to every need in order to facilitate access to each of them quickly and intuitively.
1. "Info": Where you can make changes if necessary (for security reasons if you want to change your email account must apply through our email info@lotoweb.es)
2. "Play History": Here you can view every play that you did and classify them that you wish as favorites .
3. "Activity": Where are displayed every single move made ​​in your account since Lotoweb registration, ordered by date with their corresponding amounts. You can also access those plays that have won prizes with all the information.
4. "Money Deposit": Space to add in a safe and simple way balance in your virtual account of Lotoweb for future plays through the methods provided.
5. "Money Withdraw ": Where you can indicate the amount  that you wish to transfer from your Lotoweb virtual account to your bank account.
9. Validation through Magnetic Sistem Metod (ASD)
Lotoweb provides the possibility to perform Betting Digital Support (ASD), which are validated as file with JSON and plays that are suitable for combinations with high contents of which must exceed 100 €.
If belonging to a Group or interested in us validate this type of play need to send a text file with forecasts which must contain a single bet per line.
The files can be sent through our "Files Upload" button, with the rest of the games on the left side of our website. The files has to be send it before 13:00 hours of Saturday
For any questions please contact us before through our info@lotoweb.es email or phone 952 81 27 10.
11. How Can I Get the Prizes if I Win?
Collect prizes in Lotoweb is very quick and simple and can be done at any time as many times as you want.


Lotoweb always transfer the requested amount that you decided complete and when you request it.


When playing Lotoweb always be sent an email when the draw that you played was cloncluded, indicating for each draw played, if you have obtained prize or not, along with information on the winning combination of the draw in question.


Lotoweb performs daily scrutiny based on existing draws, in case you get prize will automatically receive the amount prized in their virtual account, with which you can keep playing or otherwise decide to charge some or all by bank transfer (If prizes are less than 2.000 € cash  you can collect them in person at our Administration also identified correctly).


To request a transfer to your bank account only has to go to "My Account" and once there click on the "Money Withdraw", indicate the desired quantity to transfer and your bank account number.


For foreign accounts should further provide by email to info@lotoweb.es the details about IBAN and SWIFT as well as those relating to the physical address of the branch where do the transfer: Country, City, etc.)


For transfers out of Europe could be a commision up to 60 €.


In the event that the award exceeds 2.000 € must be correctly identified in order to collect the money because of the new Spanish legislation.
11. How can I Put more Balance on My Lotoweb Account?
Add balance to your Lotoweb´s account is very easy and fast you only have to know the way that you prefer to do it.
From Lotoweb recommend using the option "Money Deposit"to keep updated your account balance and thus can play instantly when you want and with the maximum comfort.
Therefore we recommend not link payments to plays at the same time by different problems that may arise as a crash system, failure gateway with your bank, internet problems etc..
To add funds to your virtual account of Lotoweb only have to go to "My Account"  and clicking on the "Money Deposit", indicate the amount you wish to enter and click again on the "Continue". Once there check your order if the data is correct click "Continue Order". Finally one must select the Payment:
Method Bank transfer (recommended): Once selected click "Confirm Payment" if you have selected transfer method you should take the given details to make the transfer.
Method Credit Card Payment: If instead you choose the credit card method you should follow the usual process introducing personal details credit card once the system moves to the payment gateway.
Lotoweb recommends using the transfer method if the intention is to add balance in your account and not playing at that moment. You should know that in the cases of using the transfer method will receive your deposit approximately 48 hours after.
12. Can I Play for a Specific Date?
Sometimes it is very useful to be able to play for a particular day without this has arrived and is therefore impossible to validate. Lotoweb lets make plays that will be validated later by the date / s day / s you choose.
Playing for a date / s day / s concrete / s is very simple, just choose the numbers you want and click on "Select another week", located on the right of the ticket. Select the month and day you want to play clicking on the number in the calendar and then follow the usual steps for validation of your order.
You can also subscribe from the date of your choice by selecting and marking after choosing the date "Subscribe" located below the ticket and indicate the weeks or draws for those who want to play. It"s that simple!
13.  What  Can I do if I lose or forget My Password?
In case of lost or forgotten your password should only click on the icon "Remember Pass" located at the top right of our website, once there enter your email address and finally click on "Send ". In a few seconds you will receive an email giving you a temporary password so you can access and once logged in you can change it by your choice.
Lotoweb recommended that you change the temporary password to another that you can easily remember for the next access. You only need to access into "My Account" and click on "My Info" Once there fill out the appropriate fields and click on the "Save".
14. When the Scrutinies are made (Games Results)?
The ballots were held daily schedules depending on the results of each game. Usually between 00:00 and 10:00 am after the draw takes place.
Because Lotoweb taken directly to the data provided by an automated SELAE way, sometimes these are delayed and therefore these are made the day after the day of the draw.
Once the ballots have been performed for the day in question, you will receive an email with the same information, indicating whether or not obtained, prizes of each of their bets.
In case that you obtained prize the corresponding prize amount will be paid instantly into your Lotoweb´s account automatically.
For more information about the scrutinies, please, contact us trough our email: info@lotoweb.es
15. How Can I get the Game Results Information in an easy and quick way?
Many times we played several different draws and it useful to know at one point, before making new bets or just for curiosity which have been or were the results of these.
This Lotoweb has a dedicated section where you can find out in detail the results of each and every one of those games where you can participate in Lotoweb. Simply access by clicking on the "View Results" on the top right of our website.
Once there you can select the game you want to get the information, choose the date of the draw you want to know the results, for this use the tab to the right of the data date and the draw will get elected. You can also know the distribution of prizes for amounts and categories clicking on the "View Prizes". It"s that easy.
By default Lotoweb always show data for past raffles held
16. How can I change my e-mail address?

You have to know that due security reasons is not allowed by the User make changes in your personal e-mail address, therefore, if you want to change your e-mail address, please, do it contacting us in info@lotoweb.es or in our section Contact providing us the new e-mail address.

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